I bought a pair of rainboots.

They have dog patterns.

Nevertheless, my feet hurt.
“There are two options for you:

a fat vessel or a slim vessel.

What do you choose?

I see that she is looking at me.

It makes me really uncomfortable.

I think I know what she is thinking.

Mosquitoes come into my ears.

They want to eat my brain but

I don’t let them.

When I saw the corpses I lost my taste.

I can’t eat since then.

The image of lungs keep coming back.

I wonder what I would look like after I die.

When am I going to die? When? When?

I regret my words

so much that I want to eat the heads

of the people who have heard me.

Steak should disappear from this world

as soon as possible.

I hate the smell and the look of

steak on a plate.

Probably I can talk into the steak

I had last night.

I could persuade it

to disappear from the earth.

Meeting people for the first time,

smelling the smell for the first time,

and looking at the fire.

When I get stuck

I think of everyone who’s around me

that gets on my nerve.

It helps me get focused on my brain

and my time and my eyes.

I think of that they are lovely people

just as me and my dog.

I prayed for my ears to be healed.

“Dear God, please let my ears

be healed and get back to normal.”

I want to know how to farm

I am getting more and more freckles

on my face

that I cannot see my nose or  

my eyes or my mouth.

I dream of rocks every night.

They are very soft and mushy.

I can feel them in my cheeks.

Then they start to change

my shape into soft rocks.

I think as I get older I get numb.
The branches attack me.

The bushes stalk me.

I cannot close my eyes.

At night, I listen to music.

Time flies when I listen to music.

But my cellphone started talking to me

one day.

I wanted to ignore it, but I couldn’t.

When I look outside

I see nothing but butterflies.
I sometimes imagine myself

crying in front of people.

It is one of the most horrible

situations I can think of.

The thought makes me

a more careful person.

I wish my brushes became my skin.

It is as if I’m in a prison.

I’m not allowed to eat or think or sleep

or shout.

Woo ah woo hoo hee haa

wooo hoo wooh wow

When I think of this person I knew

my brain shrinks down.

Probably because I regret meeting this

person for two months.

I love blue.

I love blue when it becomes darker

and messy.

I love blue when it fades away with white.

Yesterday I had blue and it is still

inside me.

I wish it became my skin.

I don’t want to vomit the blue

out of my body.

“I don’t like you, circles.”

The rain is hitting me hard

on my right cheek.

So I turn the other cheek

to the rain also.

There is nothing between the two.

No matter how they try,

they had nothing in between.

I go to church sometimes

and see people cry.

Sad, sad,

sad, sad, sad,

sad, sad, and sad.

The moon always looks at me kindly.

I was in a very weird space.

There was no sky or a ceiling.

All I could see was circles,

circles, and circles.

I get stuck in this one thought

all day long.

“What am I looking at

What am I looking at

What am I looking at?”

Jesus said,

“If someone slaps you on one cheek,

turn to them the other also.

If someone takes your coat,

do not withhold your shirt from them.”

I regret my words.

At the same time,

I do not regret my words.

When I call my mom,

she always greets me with a kind smile.

Even by just hearing them talk

about so many things, I feel so anxious

I want to scream at them.

“Do you need some salt?”


“Do you need some salt?”


I miss oil painting so much

it makes me sad.

Everyday, I think of myself

falling off a cliff.

I also pull your leg so we fall off together.

This thought makes me feel very guilty.

Flowers are hideous.

Flowers eat people.

Flowers attack me.

I want to defend myself from flowers.

“When will this tree grow and eat me?”

When I’m really, really sad,

my nose becomes really, really blue.

I’m amazed how oblivious people are

of my blue nose.

Whenever I see her, I feel sick.

Whenever I think of her, I feel sick.

Whenever I hear her talk, I feel sick.

The sunset is here.